Comprehensive Supply Chain Management. Delivered.

NewStream Enterprises, a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corp., was formed in 1990 to provide comprehensive supply chain management to the world’s leading On and Off Highway OEMs. It is an employee owned company which truly believes in the power of a workforce when each has a stake in outcome.

NewStream offers OEM’s customized product flow management specializing in the On/Off Highway Transportation Industry. Our unique business model provides OEM’s superior cost control, enhanced throughput and service levels, and greater utilization of assets. Furthermore, we can significantly reduce liabilities in labor, overhead and inventory through this shared investment.

NewStream can manage all or any segment of your supply chain process. Our services are customized to fit your requirements. From materials management, to direct order fulfillment, NewStream becomes a seamless extension of your business.

NewStream is located in Springfield, Missouri, as well as in Joliet, Illinois.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to deliver… unparalleled service, performance and innovation into the supply chains of the world’s leading On/Off Highway Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).”

Our Environmental Statement

“NewStream Enterprises will maintain customer satisfaction while striving to protect the environment of today and tomorrow, for the future of our company and our Earth.”

NewStream’s Environmental Policy

Certificate of Registration:  ISO 14001


Our Quality Policy

“NewStream Enterprises will strive to meet and exceed the customers' expectations and is dedicated to the continuous improvement to meet these goals.”

Certificate of Registration:  ISO 9001

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm