Whether kitting for critical orders, fulfilling your rework needs, shipping direct to customers or supplying your distribution channel, NewStream leverages shared resources to provide cost-effective kitting solutions. We understand that quality, fill rates and on-time delivery are crucial in today’s economy and we deliver with exceptional performance.

Cost-Effective Kitting Solutions:

  • Custom engine components and spare parts kitting
  • Consignment and procurement kitting
  • Total supply chain management
  • Just-in-time operation
  • Operational flexibiltiy
  • Capacity to hand wide range of kits - from 10 components to 1,000's
  • Barcoding and Labeling to your specifications
  • Total technology integration
  • Packaging design expertise
  • Transportation Management
  • Full EDI capabilities


KITTING is the process in which individually separate but related items are picked, packaged, and supplied together as one part number. For example, in ordering an engine overhaul kit online, a dealer or distributor may select pistons, rings, seals, and other necessary spare parts from several vendors. An OEM may choose to increase the ease of ordering for its dealer network by using NewStream Enterprises (NSE) kitting services.  NSE would subsequently build customized overhaul kits by procuring parts from multiple vendors, pack the parts in a OEM branded box, and distribute the product to the OEM's parts distribution centers (PDC) or direct ship to the dealer network as needed.  This kitting option also reduces inventory and handling costs for the OEM.


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