Kitting and Packaging Solutions

Kitting and packaging are critical components of warehousing and fulfillment. Products needing to be properly packaged and shipped require a process that ensures physical and barrier protection, minimized shipping security risks, proper labeling, convenience, portion control, inspections and quality control. Packaging has a significant impact on supply-chain management and can include kitting packages, single-product/part packaging, or special government/defense packaging.

NewStream provides comprehensive supply-chain management services that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Expert Single-Parts Packaging

Ordering in bulk, but do not have packaging capabilities? NewStream can provide professional single-parts packaging, warehouse storage, and distribution for product fulfillment direct to customers or your parts distribution channels. Product packaging best practices require a well-designed system and manpower that can expedite the process by performing custom labeling, barcoding, and crating—as well as the repacking, relabeling, sorting, staging, and inspection of items for the distribution network. Our team provides the expertise you need to handle these critical tasks.

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Efficient Kitting Services

Kitting is an inventory-management process in which separate but related items are picked, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. NewStream kitting services take advantage of shared resources, experienced kitting professionals, and specialized infrastructure to reduce costs for our partners. We kit your parts, pack them, and ship them out with a focus on efficiency, cost control, and accuracy.

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Experienced Defense and Government Packaging

Packaging for defense and government applications involves a particular set of requirements. It is imperative that your packaging processes meet these high standards. The U.S. government has Mil-Spec guidelines for inspections, packaging, documentation, and shipping.

Many companies are unaware of these standards, and even for those who are familiar with them, navigating government and Mil-Spec packaging requirements can be overwhelming. NewStream, an ITAR certified company, has mastery-level experience adhering to these standards, including with government property storage and control, Mil-Spec labeling, WAWF documentation, DD250, IUID tagging, RFID, GBOL, DFARS and FAR.

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