Please note that excessive freight charges or services resulting from failure to follow these routing instructions will be charged back to your company.

Shipping Address:

NewStream Enterprises
1925 East Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO 65802

Routing Matrix

  • Weight:  < 150#
    • Routing Instructions:  FedEx Ground: All freight that falls within the FedEx Ground guidelines up to 150#. No single carton is to exceed 70#. Multiple carton shipments must be combined into single-carton shipments when possible.
  • Weight:  151-8000#
  • Weight:  >8000#
    • Routing Instructions:  Contact NewStream Logistics Manager for routing instructions. 


Product must be shipped on quality pallets measuring 42x42x5.125, as part of Navistar’s D13 packaging specifications. Furthermore, product should not be stacked more than 45” high.

Number of Shipments Allowed Per Week

NewStream authorizes only one shipment per week per vendor unless authorized by a NewStream purchasing agent.

Air Freight Shipments

Air freight shipments must be authorized by a NewStream purchasing agent and the name of the authorizing agent must be written on the bill of lading and packing list.

Freight Charge Authorization

NewStream will not pay for freight charges added to product invoices without prior authorization.

Questions? Concerns?

If you experience problems with these instructions, please contact:

Toll Free: 800.533.3112

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm