Materials Specialist | #NSEcareers

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NewStream Enterprises is seeking qualified candidates for multiple Materials Specialist full-time positions at its Springfield, MO facility.  The position responsibilities include, but are not limited to, shipping (freight and parcel) , loading and offloading trucks , processing orders for shipment, pulling orders, receiving trucks, supply boxing line with product, putting away and combining product, working with scanners while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

NewStream offers a variety of career development opportunities, including advancement opportunities, tuition refund program, and business literacy and ownership.

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Warehouse Group Lead | #NSEcareers

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NewStream Enterprises is seeking applicants for the Warehouse Group Lead position at its Springfield, Missouri operations. This employee will serve as a leader of a work unit, ensuring work schedules are accomplished within established time frames and in a safe working environment.

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Jack Stack, the man in love with remanufacturing


Remanufacturing legend Jack Stack freely admits he adores the industry. He talks to ReMaTecNews US correspondent Denise Rondini about challenges, what companies needs to do to overcome them – and why he lives by income statements.

If you ask Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings, what’s changed in remanufacturing since he first started the company in 1983, he’ll tell you ‘not much’. “My feeling is that it is still not consumer-driven,” he says. “When it comes down to going out and appealing to the consumer, I think we fall short.” Stack says it is the remanufacturing industry itself that has failed to do a good job of educating the consumer about its benefits – and that lack of education is in part responsible for one of the biggest challenges faced by remanufacturing: a shortage of new talent. Stack is addressing that challenge by developing a remanufacturing programme at the Ozarks Technical College. “We are now running and have classrooms inside our factory that are available to high school juniors and seniors who want to understand manufacturing and remanufacturing,” Stack explains.

Building bridges
In fact, 17 school districts are now part of the programme and about 50 students have spent a semester at SRC getting credit for classes they take there: “We are building bridges between kids that at one time thought a factory was a place they did not want to be. We are showing them that a factory of today isn’t a factory of the industrial revolution.” SRC is based in Springfield, Missouri, and Stack says the company is doing outreach to grammar schools by opening up the factory during the summer, allowing students to visit. He says part of the problem finding people is that remanufacturing doesn’t get the respect it should as a job creator in a local area. “Maybe a lot of that is because we don’t pat ourselves on the back and we don’t market ourselves that way. We are really a labour-intensive industry and you would think that would have a little more focus on an political level.” Stack says the high-tech world is touted as a place to go, but explains there is not a lot of labour involved. “I am prejudiced because I am in love with remanufacturing. I am prejudiced because I see all the benefits it has. It has created a tremendous amount of wealth for people in our community and it is sustainable over a long period of time,” he says. “But it is not for us to moan about. It’s for us to go do something about.” Stack does just that, spending a lot of time working with members of the US Congress, local officials and local institutions to raise awareness of remanufacturing, its ability to create jobs and its impact on the environment.

Financial literacy
Another challenge he sees for the industry is managing the raw materials of remanufacturing. “How do you understand the raw materials? How do you put forth investment and make sure you understand the total life cycle of the product itself?” He says it is important that everyone involved in remanufacturing understands the economic value proposition of a reman programme. Manufacturers need to “plant the seeds” for remanufactured products by having enough new product flow into the market. “You have to keep an eye on the material as it flows year after year. What happens is at the front end of every programme the part is going to be expensive. Then as the product begins to slow down and demand begins to shift you have to be certain that you are not stuck with a tremendous amount of surplus or obsolete inventory,” he explains. Stack has a demonstrated history of what’s needed to be successful in remanufacturing. “You really have to have a tremendous grasp of mathematics and income statements and financials. It is about financial literacy if you want to play in this marketplace. Everyone in your organisation needs to have financial literacy.”
Stack explains that financial statements have been around since the 1400s. “They have not changed very much over the years, yet few people know how to read them even though many billions of lives have been affected by financials.” Stack says they are like “a living crystal ball because they tell you what you have got to do in order to build your company”. They point out a company’s strengths and its weaknesses. “Then you have to have the guts to make the needed changes. That is the hard part,” he says.

The Great Game
Stack believes that, while SRC is apparently all about remanufacturing, the real business of the company is education: in other words, teaching employees to understand a company’s balance sheet leads to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. “When [employees] can see the scorecard, they can come up with ideas,” he says. “I don’t know why everyone is looking at markets for answers - to me you have your answers right there in the balance sheet.” Stack’s philosophy, outlined in his book The Great Game of Business, relies on complete transparency with staff. “We started out in the beginning, opening our books to our employees. Then we began to open our company to anyone who wanted to come in and see what we did.” He explains that historically when something goes wrong in a company, “you shoot the person you think is responsible”. But, he explains: “Nine times out of ten you actually have a systems problem.” Leadership to Stack is putting a system in place so that the leader and everyone else in the organisation is working side by side to fix the problem: “It’s not having one charismatic person at the top.” Stack says he has seen many people adopt his philosophy and scale it - so it works in companies with union employees, companies where multiple languages are spoken and companies with many locations. But it was not just other companies learning from it. “We have learned so much from the people that we are associated with related to The Great Game of Business. It is almost as if you are on an accelerated learning process every day.”

Planning for recession
Even though Stack and SRC have achieved great success, he is not content to coast. When asked what he still hopes to accomplish in his career, Stack says: “We put together a plan back in 2009 of what we needed to do by 2019 when we believe there will be a recession. We want to have a balance sheet that will put us in a significant opportunity to be able to double our growth in the five years following 2019.” He said they have targeted a nine-digit number for liquidity on the balance sheet in order to make a move in 2019. “We are planning for a recession,” Stack explains. “We have been through four recessions and we have doubled the value of our business five years after each recession because we had a strong balance sheet.” Stack says SRC is building the balance sheet and is 70% of the way to hitting their goal: “Hitting that is my goal right now and then we will lay out another ten-year plan.” If history is any indication, Stack and SRC should continue to be successful. After all it’s just a matter of balance in order to make absolutely certain you have the strength in order to be successful, according to Stack. He says too many people get trapped on the top line. “Everyone likes cocktail talk about the million-dollar company. We never focus on the top line - we have always focused on the value proposition and how strong our balance sheet was.”

Source:  12/4/2017 ReMaTec News

About ReMaTec | ReMaTec is the world's leading platform for remanufacturing. ReMaTec News and are the only international magazine and website dedicated to remanufacturing worldwide. They are independent channels for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry.

NSE employees place 3rd and 4th in #SRCpride competition

Throughout the month of November, SRC associates were given the opportunity to participate in an #SRCpride competition. Each associate was given an SRC Employee Owner decal to place where they choose. Once they placed their decal, they could take a photo of it, add a creative caption and post it on social media with the hashtag #SRCpride. 

After numerous witty and creative submissions, the top four photos were chosen to receive prizes. The posts were judged on how creatively associates showed their SRC pride. An additional prize was given to the associate who took his or her photo farthest away from their division. 

Two of our NewStream associates won prizes!

Congratulations to all of the winners.

  • 1st PLACE | Becky Darrow, SRC Holdings
  • 2nd PLACE | Hannah Cobb, SRC Lexington
  • 3rd PLACE | Mary Bryant, NewStream
  • 4th PLACE | Jennifer Potts, NewStream
  • FARTHEST DISTANCE | Ed Stranz, Heavy Duty, post made in Palos Verdes, CA (1,428 miles)

You can see all of the creative pictures on the SRC Holdings blog post.

About NewStream Enterprises (NSE) | NSE, a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corp., was formed in 1990 to provide comprehensive supply chain management to the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM). It is an employee owned company which truly believes in the power of a workforce when each has a stake in outcome.  NewStream offers OEM’s customized product flow management in a variety of industries. Its unique business model provides OEM’s superior cost control, enhanced throughput and service levels, and greater utilization of assets. Furthermore, NSE can significantly reduce liabilities in labor, overhead and inventory through this shared investment.

NSE raises over $500 for the #Movemberfoundation

movember grow it.png

The employees of NewStream Enterprises (in Joliet, IL and Springfield, MO) raised a total of $505 for the Movember foundation last month.

Congratulations to the #Movember winners!

The Springfield location also held some raffles for those who donated. Congrats to you!

  • Ricky Gonzalez | Puma bluetooth speakers
  • Maria Martinez | Wal-mart gift card

Thank you to all who participated and donated to the cause.

About Movember |   Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.  That’s why we’re taking action.  We’re the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round. We’re addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.  We know what works for men, and how to find and fund the most innovative research to have both a global and local impact. We're independent of government funding, so we can challenge the status quo and invest quicker in what works. In 13 years we’ve funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world.  By 2030 we’ll reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.  Help us stop men dying too young. Join the movement. Learn more at

Materials Specialist | #NSEjobs

NewStream Enterprises is seeking candidates to fill two open Materials Specialist roles for a new client. See position summary below.


POSITION SUMMARY: Under the direct supervision of the MGM Account Manager, the  position responsibilities include, but are not limited to shipping (freight and parcel) , loading and offloading trucks , processing orders for shipment, pulling orders, receiving trucks, supply boxing line with product, putting away and combining product, working with scanners while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Read complete listing and apply online!

Congrats to Brendan Maxwell | #NSEpromotions

NewStream Enterprises (NSE) would like to congratulate Brendan Maxwell on his recent promotion to Quality Analyst Assistant.

Brendan will assist the head of quality for an NSE customer product line in terms of building work instructions, performing inspections, communicating with suppliers, and completing production part approval process (PPAP) requirements.

In 2015, Brendan started working for NSE as a production employee, moving his way into a picking position soon after.  He has been with NSE for just over two years. 

Congrats, Brendan!


SRC helps PCCC reach $957K for area children's charities

NSE is proud to support the charitable mission and community spirit of the Price Cutter Charity Championship presented by Dr. Pepper (PCCC) through the SRC Holdings sponsorship of the Monday Pro Am.  2017 marks the 17th year of the partnership with the tournament, which is ran by the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and PCCC tournament staff for an amazing 2017 tournament.  

See press release below from the tournament's website.

PCCC gifts $957,102 to 47 Ozarks children’s charities

The PGA Tour’s Price Cutter Charity Championship presented by Dr Pepper’s impact continues 28 years after its inception, as the tournament gifted more than $950,000 on Tuesday.

pccc 2017 check.jpg

A total of 47 Ozarks children’s charities received a combined $957,102 from the Price Cutter Charity Championship presented by Dr Pepper, Tournament Executive Director Jerald Andrews announced during the Celebration of Sharing presented by The McQueary Family, held at Highland Springs Country Club. The amount increases the tournament’s overall gifting to $14,669,449.

“What a year. All of the credit goes to those in southwest Missouri and beyond who threw their support behind this important effort,” Andrews said. “None of this would have been possible without corporate sponsorships as well as individuals stepping forward and our 1,000-person army of volunteers. Best of all, the monies will help our charities meet their important missions.”

In attendance were John Q. Hammons Hotels and Resorts President and CEO Jacquie Dowdy, who represents the John Q. Hammons Foundation, as well as Rob Marsh, Vice President of Sales and Merchandising for Price Cutter Supermarkets, Charles Hamrick, the Tour’s Director/Business & Sponsor Relations, and representatives of all charities. The Hammons Foundation has held the Tour contract since the tournament’s inception in 1990. Price Cutter Supermarkets has been either a presenting or title sponsor of the tournament for 19 years. is in the fifth year of a 10-year agreement with the PGA Tour. Their support, along with that of Highland Springs Country Club, has allowed the PCCC to continue as one of only four original Tour stops.

“Price Cutter and all its employee owners are proud to be involved in such an incredible event,” Marsh said. “We have been blessed all 19 years to be able to help each one of these local children charities. We love how the money stays local and changes the lives of so many. We thank everyone for their hard work and participation.”

“We are excited to celebrate the contributions the Price Cutter Charity Championship has made to the charities around the Ozarks,” said Dan Glod, President of the Tour. “This latest donation is a testament to the hard work Jerald Andrews and his team put into the tournament and the strong support they receive from the community. As one of the four original events on the Tour, the Price Cutter Charity Championship continues to lead by example and this latest donation is proof of that.”

Andrews announced that $75,000 of the 2017 monies will go toward a grant program this spring through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. The tournament received sponsorships from nearly 450 entities or individuals, and experienced growth and success in many events such as:

  • Honoring Our Heroes Program presented by NRoute Enterprises LLC
  • Golf Ball & Charity Auction presented by University Plaza & Copy Products, Inc.
  • Habitat Home Run presented by Great American Title Company
  • Harvest Moon Festival presented by Reinhart Foodservice
  • Platinum Clubs & Clays Classic presented by USA Mortgage, a new October event
  • Fourteen pro-ams and playing opportunities
  • TLC Properties Charity Sweepstakes
  • Women’s Golf Clinic & Fashion Show presented by Advertising Plus
  • The Ultimate presented by Custom Metalcraft and Ridewell Suspensions

“The PCCC is truly amazing, impacting thousands of children throughout the Ozarks each and every year,” said Bonnie Keller, President & CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ozarks. “Our two Ronald McDonald Houses have been blessed by the PCCC for 28 years, keeping families of sick children together as they experience one of the most difficult times of their lives. We are continually grateful to all who make this stellar event possible.”

“The Springfield Cardinals are proud to have participated in the last 12 Price Cutter Charity Championships,” said Dan Reiter, General Manager of the Springfield Cardinals, who support the Cardinals Care Foundation. “The collaboration and spirit of everyone involved offers both great entertainment and a glimpse at the future stars of the PGA. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with so many outstanding companies and organizations to help better the Springfield community.”

“This tournament raises valuable resources for local organizations that are working to address relevant issues in our community,” said Danielle Conti, Executive Director of FosterAdopt Connect’s Southwest Missouri chapter, which notes that nearly 3,000 children in the area are in foster care as a result of abuse and neglect. “The tournament exposes hundreds of thousands of people to the realities that our vulnerable youth face every day and to the programs that we have developed to address these issues.”

“USA Mortgage is honored to be able to support the Price Cutter Charity Championship,” said Steve Kitrel, Branch Manager of USA Mortgage. “It is very humbling to be partnered with a group/event that helps so many children. The PCCC and those who help have such an amazing impact on our community, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Read complete article

Congrats to Artemis Knight | #NSEpromotions

NewStream Enterprises (NSE) would like to congratulate Artemis Knight on his recent promotion into the Quality Department.  In his new role, Artemis will focus on the ISO 9001 standards and compliance within NSE, as well as update the quality manual.

Artemis has been with NSE for over one year now and has held picking, packing, shipping and receiving roles for multiple diverse accounts. 

Congratulations, Artemis!

Skopec and Kaderly receive Spotlight awards

Pictured (Left to right): Heather Minshall, Account Manager (NSE), Jennifer Skopec, Customer Service (NSE), Krisi Schell, Director of Talent, Culture & Community Development (SRC Holdings), Sara Kaderly, Marketing and Account Manager (NSE).

Pictured (Left to right): Heather Minshall, Account Manager (NSE), Jennifer Skopec, Customer Service (NSE), Krisi Schell, Director of Talent, Culture & Community Development (SRC Holdings), Sara Kaderly, Marketing and Account Manager (NSE).

(Springfield, MO) NewStream Enterprises (NSE), a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corporation, presented two of its employees with the coveted corporate Spotlight Award this month at corporate staff.


The Spotlight Award celebrates and recognizes employee-owners who go "above and beyond" in their respective positions throughout the corporation.  Employees at all levels can be nominated, as well as submit a nomination for any colleague.  Nominations are then sent to the SRC Spotlight Committee for review and recipients are chosen.  Award winners receive recognition at corporate staff, a Spotlight Award plaque, and other prizes.  


In August, Jennifer contacted an end customer regarding his critical order and overnight freight charges.  After providing a quote for each shipping method, the customer mentioned that while he was disappointed with the OEM's price increases in years past, this call,  and the great customer service provided, made the increase worth it.

"This excellent performance is huge," according to Heather Minshall, Account Manager. "[The OEM] is known for their quality product, and our quality service at NSE is a huge selling factor to their sales team in the field."


Sara readily helps all divisions by sharing her marketing and graphic design expertise – going above and beyond the responsibilities of her position at NSE.   This past summer, Sara truly went above and beyond by lending her expertise to assist with our new SRC Holdings website update, helping with cost savings, customer service and teamwork. 

"Sara’s help on the website and across all the companies helps us to show our company, our services, our culture in the best light," Krisi Schell, SRC Holdings, mentioned.  "Our new site more accurately reflects who we are and our capabilities to potential and current customers and associates."

Congrats to Paul Samsel | #NSEpromotions

NEW position - paul samsel.jpg

NewStream Enterprises (NSE) would like to congratulate Paul Samsel on his recent promotion to Production Group Lead.  In this role, Samsel will assist the production supervisors with their daily responsibilities and assume the role in their absence.

Samsel has been with NSE for approximately three years. In that time, he has gained experience in a variety of positions, including DEF tank assembler, inspector and picker. 

Congratulations, Paul!

New Warehouse Layout

The NewStream Enterprises (NSE) operations team at the Springfield location rolled out a new warehouse layout recently for its kitting and packaging production area, taking NSE to the next level in terms of supply chain efficiencies.  The floor plan has improved inventory flow in and out of production, increased productivity, balanced work flow, and increased capacity by 24%.  See pictures below.

Congrats to Josh Phillips | #NSEpromotions

Josh Phillips - assistant production manager

NewStream Enterprises (NSE) would like to congratulate Josh Phillips on his recent promotion to Assistant Production Manager at its Springfield, Missouri headquarters.

Phillips has held a variety of roles within NSE over the past 12 years, including the following:

  • Packager
  • Picker
  • Unit Down Assembler
  • Production Supervisor
  • Materials Expediter
  • Production Scheduler

His new role as the Assistant Production Manager will entail using his skills and experience to bring efficiencies to the production line and cross-training with the Production Manager.

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