McNeal, Carter, Slone receive Most Valuable Owner honors | #MVO

MVO! MVO! MVO! | We have reached our Phase 3 in the 2017 Most Valuable Owner (MVO) campaign already.   Congratulations to the winners announced at Big Staff on Thursday, October 20th.  

An MVO must take initiative, perform job responsibilities, and build positive work relationship. Nominations can be submitted by anyone at any level during the nomination phase of the event.  All submissions are then reviewed by supervisors from all departments, who rank their Top 3.  The Top 3 MVOs are announced at Big Staff, presented with a certificiate, $25 gift card and custom MVO jersey.

Congrats to our most recent nominees and Most Valuable Owners (MVO)!


  • Carolyn McNeal
    • "Carolyn is generous and caring, always willing to help people [or] assist someone, such as training new hires and coordinating events for co-workers.  Carolyn is a vital part of the NewStream team, and [I] am honored to have her as a friend."
  • Branden "Jimmy" Carter
    • "When I'm having a bad day at work, Jimm's laugh alone can make it better.  He constantly has an upbeat and positive attitude, which carries over into his work.  He will help anyone with any task.  He is an MVO because he is in charge of keeping inventory correct and he does it with a smile on his face."
  • Lindsay Slone
  • "LIndsay has been a great team player, filing in when the demand was needed.  [She] stays extra hours to cover allocations, helps to cover critical order shipping, train new employees for positions in allocating and critical orders, and in receiving when shipping is slow."


  • Elena Ivanova
  • Jeffrey Dunning
  • Lindsay Slone
  • Stephen McMurphy
  • Ryan Detrick
  • Vickie Findlater
  • Tammy Tummons
  • Bee Thao
  • Jeri Sitzes
  • Janae Eckert
  • Branden Carter
  • Hope Buser
  • Jacob Longoria
  • Heather Stenson
  • Carolyn McNeal


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