ESOPtober | Pie in the Face to support Harmony House

Attention NewStream Enterprises employees | We did so well with our ESOPtober quiz last month, that we are adding 2 more pies to 2 lucky people to our November 10th PIE IN THE FACE. (Thanks for donating your faces to the cause, Mr. Locke and Mr. Lane.)

Your Chance to THROW A PIE

We will raffle off the chance to throw the pie in the face of one of the following: James Wilson, Adam Locke or Tim Lane.

  • $1 for one ticket
  • $5 for 6
  • $10 for 15.

All proceeds go to the Harmony House’s efforts to support victims of domestic violence in our area. 

Raffle Sale Dates

Raffle ticket sales will be following dates at break time:

  • 11/9/16
  • 11/10 (only at 9 am and 11 am break)

See Leann Cody for details


Toll Free: 800.533.3112

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm