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Manufacturing the Future: SRC founder Jack Stack discusses plans for old Regal Beloit building

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. When longtime employer Regal Beloit closed its doors, sending jobs to Mexico, this massive manufacturing building went up for sale.

A "Queen City" icon, destined it seemed to become the next empty plant in Springfield. A reminder of hundreds of jobs lost.

"it was almost tragic to think about it being torn down brick by brick," said Jack Stack.

But entrepreneur Jack Stack said he knew immediately his company could make this plant hum again. The catch, there was already another buyer in place, with plans to turn these 43 acres into a retail complex.

"There was a bid on the table we knew that. we also felt bad from the standpoint it was a solid manufacturing plant that was going to go retail," said Stack. "That's where we got a little sentimental."

Eventually that deal would fall through, giving SRC a chance to move in. It's something Stack likes to call divine intervention.

"We had reached a point in late 2015 that we realized we didn't have a square foot to grow into, that if we had any plans for the next three to five years, we had to have space," said Stack.

"It's really exciting to set things up a second time, do it right, and just look forward to positive," said SRC employee Chandler Holt.

Three-hundred-twenty-five thousand square feet may seem like a lot, and it is, but SRC has plans to fill this building up within the next few months. That means they're already looking for more space and have plans to add even more workers.

"We need people," said Stack. "We are so out of touch in our society. we have our leaders talking about we need to create jobs. We got jobs. I don't think they understand what's going on on the ground floor."

Already in place, a logistics center, remanufacturing engines for boats, buses, trucks and tractors.

"SRC the whole mentality's different here, the whole mentality of us knowing what's going on within the corporation," said SRC employee James Hake.

Other divisions are moving in soon.

"All we're looking for is desire," said Stack. "Somebody who wants to work, somebody who wants to get ahead, somebody who wants to start and progress through an organization."

The sounds and signs of progress are in the center of Springfield.

"It seems to be what we do. We take old things and make them new," said Stack.

By Emily Wood, KY3 News | Posted: Mon 10:27 PM, May 09, 2016  | Updated: Mon 11:56 PM, May 09, 2016

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