NSE Celebrates Most Valuable Owners | #OwnIt

NSE celebrated its employee-owners yesterday in its bi-monthly Big Staff meeting with the announcement of the Most Valuable Owner (MVO) awards. 

The Ownership Culture Committee (OCC) created the MVO campaign as a way to increase recognition of its employee-owners throughout the year.  The MVO awards spans the entire fiscal calendar (Feb - Jan) and is split into phases, capturing different departments in each phase.  Employees at any level can nominate their peers for this award.  Supervisors then whittle the field to the Top 3.

Congratulations to our Phase 1 MVOs

MVOs receive a certificate, $25 gift card, and an MVO shirt.

  • Jeri Sitzes (RMA)
  • Sara Kaderly (Front Office, Sales)
  • Slaveya Gervazova (Shipping & Receiving)

Congratulations to all of our Phase 1 nominees!

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