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Located in Springfield, MO, CNH Reman is a joint venture between CNH Industrial and SRC Holdings Corporation which started in 2009 and has grown into a company with just nine employees to now employing nearly 250. The partnership began because CNH Industrial knew they needed to become more committed to remanufacturing. Allen Shevey, product manager hydraulics, took time to share how CNH Reman has grown and the factors which have contributed to their success in remanufactured parts.

CNH Reman is one of only two CNH Industrial remanufacturing facilities globally. That means parts from around the world come to Southwest Missouri to be taken apart and built back better. The task of making sure all those components are met and operations run smoothly goes to Dave Reader, operations manager for CNH Reman.

Dave said they remanufacture about 3,000 different parts numbers including engines, fuel, transmissions, hydraulics, electronics and turbos. Basically everything that makes since they remanufacture.

“Within Reman, everything comes back down to the component level. We disassemble everything and it’s cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning technologies vary for the products. Then it is measured back to the original criteria and accepted or rejected based on that information, repaired where possible, reassembled and finally tested back to OEM specifications.”

A focus on quality was highlighted throughout my tour of the facilities. And quality starts with well trained employees. Dave said they are looking for two things when hiring skilled laborers and those are work ethic and aptitude. “When they come in we have foundational training which includes key aspects of the business. Then they build upon that within each individual product line. Everything is done through work instructions. Often they start in the disassembly area allowing them to become familiar with the products in a general sense.”

In my complete interview with Dave you can learn how each part is looked at from an investment standpoint to determine the amount of money put into the right parts of each product and a bit about how he sees the future of remanufacturing. 


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