Freight Ton-Mileage Could Increase 49% by 2045

    Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics


Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Ton-miles on the U.S. transportation system are projected to grow by 49% in the next 30 years, according to new freight projections from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the Federal Highway Administration.

The transportation system is projected to carry 7.6 trillion ton-miles in 2045, up from the 5.1 trillion ton-miles it supported in 2015, according to version 4.3 of the Freight Analysis Framework. Verison 4.3 is the first release of ton-mile numbers from the updated FAF series that uses a base year of 2012.

Last march, BTS and FHWA also released the projections for freight value and tonnage. FAF data is available for the base year of 2012, the recent years of 2013-2015, and forecasts from 2020 through 2045 in five-year intervals. Users can also use the FAF data Tabulation tool to create and download customized FAF4 summary tables.



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