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NSE is proud to support the mission of the Champion Athletes of the Ozarks through the SRC Community Relations Committee's recent sponsorship.

The mission of Champion Athletes of the Ozarks is to build self esteem, self-confidence and everyday life skills therefore enhancing the lives of children and adults with disabilities through education, sports competition and new opportunities.

Champion Athletes of the Ozarks...

  • ...was formed in March of 2002. This organization was established to enhance our athlete’s lives, build successful individuals and to expand their opportunities through sports training and competition and new activities. 
  • a local organization. All donations of time and money provide sports programs and opportunities for children and adults with disabilities living in the Ozarks area. All programs are offered to our athletes at no cost. 
  • an athlete driven program. Each athlete is treated with respect, encouraged to work with a high level of self-esteem and personal success, therefore adopting these skills into their everyday lives.

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About Champion Athletes of the Ozarks | Champion Athletes of the Ozarks serves children and adults with disabilities living in the Ozarks area.   Through sports training and competition we are building self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills. We are creating a positive atmosphere and teaching decision-making skills, team skills, appropriate behaviors and the feeling of success. Champion Athletes of the Ozarks also has a main focus on Life Skills. We are offering classes in reading, basic money, math, storm preparedness and a wellness and fitness program. All of these skills are necessary for every individual to be successful in work and school and to be a more productive citizen in our community. 

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