#GrillTheGM | Communication is key

The NSE Ownership Culture Committee (OCC) held its first Grill the GM meeting last month at NewStream Enterprises.

A small group of employee-owners, along with members of the OCC, and James Wilson, NSE's General Manager, spent just over an hour talking over lunch, catered by Whole Hog Cafe, about NSE business, inter-departmental communication, and the SRC family of companies.

"The biggest take away from the meeting was the importance of communication," Wilson mentioned about the gathering.

Overall, this first meeting in the Grill the GM series was a success, according to participants.  The laid-back atmosphere allowed employee-owners to feel more comfortable, and, therefore, more able to speak out about comments and concerns, including ways to improve communication throughout the warehouse, such as a mix-use of technology and face-to-face meetings.

The OCC will use the information gathered from Grill the GM as continuous improvement suggestions moving forward as it plans its next Grill the GM lunch meeting.



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