Golden Broom Winners | #SafetyAllTheTime

don't be trippin.jpg

The NSE Safety Committee just completed its DON'T BE TRIPPIN' campaign to increase awareness of housekeeping items in all departments.  

The event was centered around the January Safety Bite theme - trips, slips, and falls - and its mission was to create awareness of hazards that can be easily prevented in the work environment here at NSE. 

Another aspect was teamwork.  Being a part of a team helps create ownership, and when ownership is taken, it doesn’t quite seem like “work.”  

The DON'T BE TRIPPIN' campaign included weekly audits, completed by the committee, to make sure each department's area was free from slip, trip, and fall hazards.  The department with the fewest number of errors won "The Golden Broom" and various other prizes.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners (pictured below)!

About the NSE Safety Committee |   The mission of the Safety Committee is to make safety fun.  With countless safety procedures in place and several documents to read/fill out, its goal is to create a change of pace for the NSE employees.  The committee uses monthly Safety Bites,  small excerpts or “bites” of information pertaining to a particular safety topic of its choosing each month, throughout the year to inform employees of various areas of safety within their work environment, and how each employee can help create a safe work environment.


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