NSE participates in Springfield's Adopt-A-Street program

adopt a street clean up august 2017.png

The employees of NewStream Enterprises (NSE) participated in Springfield's Adopt-A-Street program this month by cleaning up a portion of Pythian Street.

The Adopt-A-Street Program recognizes the commitment of volunteers to keep our city's roadways free from litter and debris. Started in 1989, the program has grown to include 208 organizations volunteering to keep more than 118 miles of roadway free of litter and debris.

NSE is dedicated to operating its business to provide sound environmental management with concern for the well-being of our common environment. As part of its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the company educates employees on how to participate in and accept responsibility for achieving internal and external environmental goals, including prevention of pollution within processes and on the campus grounds.  The Adopt-A-Street program is an integral part of reaching these goals.

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