NSE GM sits on Ozarks Food Harvest board | #NSEcares


NewStream Enterprises (NSE), a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corp., values our commitment to our people and the community so strongly that we list it first in our corporate 10-year strategy:  

“Allow our people and the communities in which we live to prosper by satisfying our partners’ and customers’ needs.”

Picture by Ozarks Food Harvest

Picture by Ozarks Food Harvest

In fact, over the last 6 years, associates from our family of companies have held over 700 community leadership roles.

One example is NSE’s own James Wilson, General Manager.

James started with the Food Bank Board of Directors for Ozark Food Harvest (OFH) in 2015.

“I was driving my daughter home one day after school and she asked why some kids got to take two backpacks home after school on Friday. It was a very hard conversation to have,” James said about choosing to serve OFH. “ I wanted to be able to help in any way I could. My background is in supply chain, so I hoped that maybe my skills could somewhere benefit OFH.”

In his first official meeting as a board member, James realized that while food supply was an issue, logistics of the food to the people and warehouse space were even bigger issues. That is when he jumped at the chance to aid the capital campaign to raise funds to increase the charity’s space.

“This campaign was very successful due to all the employees of OFH, the board members and the people of Springfield. The new space is great and it is helping the OFH get more food out to the community.”

How can you help Ozarks Food Harvest?

  1. Volunteer

  2. Host a Food Drive

  3. Attend an Event

  4. Make a Planned Gift

  5. Advocate

You can view more information about the charity and how you can get involved by visiting their website.


About Ozarks Food Harvest | Ozarks Food Harvest is the Feeding America food bank for southwest Missouri, providing food to 270 organizations across 28 Ozarks counties serving 261,000 unduplicated individuals. The Food Bank provides more than 17 million meals annually. Learn more at ozarksfoodharvest.org,  facebook.com/ozarksfoodharvest  or twitter.com/ozksfoodharvest.

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