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Behind the World’s Best Brands

The SRC family of companies has the talent and expertise your business needs to save you time and money, as well as help fuel growth.

Although we are the oldest employee-owned remanufacturer to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in North America, our company is so much more. We are known world-wide for our open-book culture, The Great Game of Business, which focuses on transparency, integrity and business literacy.

At SRC, we’ve spent over 35 years helping OEMs sell parts and whole goods through custom remanufacturing programs for the agricultural, industrial, construction, truck, marine and automotive markets, but a lot has happened since 1983. We’ve grown far beyond remanufacturing. Today, not only are we expert remanufacturers, but we also specialize in warehousing, logistics, core management, kitting and packaging, and material salvaging.

This growth would not be possible without our more than 1,800 associates who continue to better the organization daily. Our people make our company better – and we mean it. Our associates take pride in their reputation as businesspeople whom understand how they can impact our bottom line. Their excellent technical skills – accompanied by their role as employee owners – has become our legacy in the remanufacturing industry.

The SRC Story

In 1983, along with 12 other managers, Jack Stack scraped together $100,000 in cash, borrowed $8.9 million and transformed a failing division of International Harvester into one of the most successful and competitive companies in America. Under Stack’s leadership and Open-Book Management approach (later coined The Great Game of Business), this formerly failing company has now become SRC Holdings Corporation, a thriving company of 1,000 engaged employees in 17 business units across a variety of industries producing over $300 million in annual sales. SRC has increased its stock price from 10 cents per share in 1983 to over $199 in 2010. Learn more about The SRC Story


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