Behind the World’s Best Brands

SRC Holdings Corp. (Springfield Remanufacturing Company) is comprised of 10 subsidiary and joint venture companies that make up the oldest employee-owned remanufacturers to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in North America.

For 30 years we have been remanufacturing products for the agricultural, industrial, construction, truck, marine and automotive markets and our success has been based on the success of others.

Our associates have been leaders in core logistics, disassembly, cleaning, machining, assembly and testing everything from fuel injectors to large off-highway transmissions. We are known worldwide for our practice of Open-Book Management, a unique and well-proven approach to running a company, based on a simple, yet powerful belief:

“When employees think, act and feel like owners… everybody wins.”

The SRC Story

In 1983, along with 12 other managers, Jack Stack scraped together $100,000 in cash, borrowed $8.9 million and transformed a failing division of International Harvester into one of the most successful and competitive companies in America. Under Stack’s leadership and Open-Book Management approach (later coined The Great Game of Business), this formerly failing company has now become SRC Holdings Corporation, a thriving company of 1,000 engaged employees in 17 business units across a variety of industries producing over $300 million in annual sales. SRC has increased its stock price from 10 cents per share in 1983 to over $199 in 2010. Learn more about The SRC Story

We invite you to get to know our companies and see if we can help you grow your business! We have the talent and expertise to make sure that when you decide to explore the remanufacturing world we can save you time and money.


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