Our custom-designed supply-chain management capabilities are constructed to increase your cash flow while reducing costs with:

  • Flexible labor
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Maximized inventory turns
  • Comprehensive technology integration
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Extensive packaging capabilities

We deliver expertise and innovation into your supply chain through specialized kitting, single-parts packaging, defense and government packaging, distribution and warehousing, assembly and sub-assembly and a variety of other services to fit your needs.

Proprietary software and RealTime systems, coupled with quality assurance, ISO 9001 certification and continuous improvements allow for ongoing accuracy and efficiencies. As an ISO 14001 company, we use green practices throughout, reusing and recycling while continuing to find ways to reduce waste.

We are an employee-owned company that practices open-book management. These practices have shaped a culture of employees who think, act and feel like owners, creating a workforce motivated to ensure quality, reliability and cost savings for each customer. When each employee has a stake in the outcome, everybody wins.

From vendor-managed inventories to utilizing comprehensive technologies to deliver maximum inventory turns, NewStream Enterprises is positioned to be the best-in-class choice for providing value-added packaging, distribution and logistical support for the industry.

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