Our 185,000 sq. ft. Warehouse

We have long- and short-term storage space available at our Joliet, Illinois facility. The main elements of warehousing include receiving, putaway, storage, inventory audit, order picking, packaging, sortation, and shipping. Warehousing and distribution work hand-in-hand to meet space and time challenges in supply chain management. Effective warehouse management reduces friction and risk in your supply chain. The warehousing and logistics experts at NewStream have years of experience in crafting a warehousing strategy that is flexible and responsive enough to fit the needs of any industry and to address the most unique challenges.

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Warehousing and Distribution Solutions


In supply chain management and order fulfilment, leveraging cost-effective warehousing and distribution services can improve customer satisfaction and increase profits. Inventory location and warehousing is a critical component of a high-performing logistical operation. That’s why we’ve positioned our warehouse and distribution networks in Missouri. This central location allows for easy shipment to anywhere in the continental U.S. within 48 hours, and ensures the fluid availability of products for the companies we partner with, helping to eliminate back orders.

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Integrated Distribution Service

Our warehousing and distribution services include holding inventory until you are ready to redistribute products to wholesalers, retailers, or customer. This enables your distribution channel to seamlessly integrate with business operations and your current supply chain. As an experienced distribution logistics company, NewStream creates custom distribution solutions that fit your unique operations. Proximity to your customers matters. Take advantage of a centrally located warehouse distribution center with a solid reputation for on-time delivery.

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Efficient Just-in-Time Delivery

Just-in-time delivery (JIT) capitalizes on an inventory management system that strategically aligns orders with production schedules to improve on efficiencies. By accurately forecasting demand, companies can receive goods on an as-needed basis. A specialized JIT warehouse like we operate at NewStream takes advantage of just-in-time stock control to help clients eliminate wastefulness and stay in budget.

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Highly Accurate Fulfillment Services

A fulfillment warehouse takes care of backend logistics so companies can focus on hitting sales targets. Keep customers happy and avoid performance penalties by partnering with a fulfillment company that prioritizes your fulfillment-related key performance indicators (KPIs). With a greater than 99% accuracy rate, NewStream takes pride in our outstanding order fulfillment services and our capacity to take on projects of any size.

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