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How Is the Manufacturing Industry Handling Labor Shortages?

Between material shortages and labor constraints, industries all over the world have struggled to get their supply chain back on track and are still working to overcome these issues. Recently, manufacturers have started looking for new ways to conquer these labor shortages and move forward during these trying times and are working to determine what methods are the most beneficial to their company.

Sep 28, 2022 3:22 PM Rhiannon Garber

How Will Renewable Energy Affect the Construction Industry?

Green systems and technology have helped the construction industry utilize renewable energy, green technology, and eco-friendly materials. Implementing these sustainable practices has shifted the way construction is moving forward. Though the construction industry's dependency on fossil fuels is detrimental to our environment, experts have weighed in and are working to reverse these statistics and drive this industry to a fully functioning renewable energy sector.

Sep 21, 2022 2:08 PM Rhiannon Garber

5 Ways to Optimize Your Supply Chain Process

Businesses are concerned about where their supply chain stands and how to prepare for major issues moving forward. Building a strong supply chain through strategic optimization will help you control costs and resources with organization and technology to increase efficiency and performance. Taking time to improve your supplier networks with in-house efficiency can secure customer relations and increase profits for the future.

Sep 14, 2022 4:14 PM Honesty Taszhé Gant

How Will Digital Supply Chain Affect OEMs?

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has made a significant impact on supply chains all over the world. Industries have had to mitigate supply chains and get them back on track and stronger than ever before. COVID expedited the need for advanced technologies as OEMs rushed to find solutions to keep their supply chain up and running. While technology has always been utilized in supply chain management, some businesses did not have higher powered technologies to keep their supply chain efficient. As a result OEMs began to implement advanced technology that would help them achieve this goal.

Aug 31, 2022 5:55 PM Rhiannon Garber

6 Strategies for Building a More Resilient Supply Chain

Supply chains can be unpredictable, that’s why it is important to get ahead and consistently analyze your company’s supply chain. Since 2020, businesses all over the world have experienced some form of supply chain disruption and have been working to recover their supply chain for the last two years. Building a resilient supply chain takes time and effort and can look different depending on your type of business. Taking the time to implement these strategies can help you eliminate those pesky disruptions, improve your resilience, and overall increase your bottom line.

Aug 25, 2022 3:54 PM Rhiannon Garber
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