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4 Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies


4 Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies Title-2

Supply chain disruptions are inevitable, putting industries all around the world at risk, regardless of their size. Not only is it critical for your company to understand the different types of risks that might affect your supply chain, but also knowing how to implement strategies to avoid these risks can help your business in the long run.

Look for Ways to Improve Visibility

It is critical to understand all aspects of your supply chain in order to minimize issues in your company's supply chain. Finding new ways to improve your supply chain will help you build more secure business relationships and decrease your vulnerability. As a result, investing in new technologies that enable your company to have service portals and automated inventory reports will keep consumers updated about delivery times, delays, and keep your business in touch with your 3PL providers as the last part of the supply chain becomes increasingly complex.

Consistently Monitor Risk

Although it may appear that your company is risk-free after implementing a supply chain risk mitigation framework, it is critical to continuously monitor all risk factors in your supply chain to secure your operations. All aspects of your supply chain should be scrutinized for potential risks so that minor errors may be addressed before they become major issues.

CTA 5 Ways to Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions

Improve Cyber Supply Chain

Technology is beneficial when it comes to streamlining business operations; however, there are risks associated with the use of certain technologies. These technologies, if not properly assessed, might expose your company to cybersecurity threats such as malware, phishing, and hacking. Thus, precautions such as properly training employees on cybersecurity protocol and assisting in the establishment of compliance standards will help keep your business safe and secure from these threats.

Implement Logistics Contingency Plan

A logistics contingency, like an emergency response plan, is a plan in the event of a major supply chain disruption. COVID-19 emphasized the need of having a contingency plan in place for your firm. Because there are a variety of outcomes when it comes to supply chain disruptions, it is beneficial to have multiple plans. This will help your firm to plan alternative solutions to a problem.

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Learning the best strategies for your business will allow you to gain visibility into all aspects of your supply chain, allowing you to make immediate changes and train your team on how to respond to these risks. NewStream's 3PL experts offer a variety of supply chain management services, including vendor management, inventory visibility, and transportation management. We're here to prevent problems from arising in the first place, so you can relax and love your supply chain!

Ready to fix your supply chain? Reach out to one of our experts and take that first step today!

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Apr 28, 2022 11:56:56 AM

Written by Rhiannon Garber

Rhiannon Garber is currently the Marketing Assistant at NewStream Enterprises, LLC. She graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Film and Media Studies with a minor in English. In her role, Rhiannon will be responsible for assisting and collaborating with all members of the Marketing team in all functional areas of Sales & Marketing in order to support NewStream's sales growth goals