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Advantages of Distribution Management

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Distribution management is the process of overseeing product movement from the supplier or manufacturer to either a storage facility or directly to the point of sale. From outsourcing raw materials, to manufacturing a final product, distribution management oversees this entire process with the objective of streamlining it. Companies frequently lack the time and expertise to successfully manage these operations, relying instead on a distribution logistics company to supply raw materials or finished products in a safe and timely manner.

Advantages of Distribution Management

Inventory Monitoring

Warehousing inventory requires additional labor and is time consuming. Distribution management software makes it easier to keep track of your inventory by letting you know what's in stock in the warehouse and allowing you to quickly fill customer orders while also ordering product as needed, ensuring that you always have the materials you need.


Effective distribution management can relieve your warehouse of many different tasks. Overseeing product movement, tracking shipments, and managing inventory can be time consuming and require a lot attention. By overseeing the distribution process, your company may devote more time and attention to other aspects of the business that demand it.

Reduced Cost

Despite the fact that outsourcing distribution management services is an expense, it can save money in the long run. These companies provide specialized software that helps in transaction monitoring, sales tracking, and inventory management. In addition, labor costs will be decreased, as there will be no need to hire employees to monitor transactions or perform manual calculations.

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One of the most significant advantages of distribution management is the ability to keep each stage of your product organized. Materials handling, inventory control, warehousing, and receiving are just a few examples. From quality assurance to reduced product waste, distribution management can be extremely beneficial.


Distribution management software helps companies order the correct number of individual items efficiently and quickly. As a result, distribution management can minimize expenses and increase sales by getting product into customer hands faster. Maintaining the efficiency of these distribution operations will assist in your company's long-term viability.

When running your business, it is critical to determine when distribution management would benefit your company. If your company struggles with organization or needs to lower cost and develop new strategies for products within your warehouse, a distribution management strategy might be the right move for your business.

When it comes to selecting the best distribution management solution, there are numerous factors to consider. NewStream Enterprises, LLC provides massive, state-of-the-art facilities with broad capabilities to store, handle, and transport large-volume and complex products. Whether you are trying to increase sales or develop a strategy for the distribution of a new product, NewStream is here to make this process as easy as possible. Centrally located in Missouri, NewStream will help you ship your products anywhere in the continental United States within 1 -2 business days or less.

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Nov 17, 2021 10:01:16 AM

Written by Rhiannon Garber

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