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Mil-Spec Kitting Standards


Product kitting allows original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to choose to create a kit of related items under one SKU. This increases the ease of ordering for the dealer. In the case of kits intended for United States Military or Defense use, the items packaged together must adhere to rigorous quality standards. These standards, known as Mil-Spec, were created to ensure that kitted packages were delivered exactly how the U.S. Department of Defense needs them to be. Mil-Spec standards for kitting focus on reliability, compatibly, usability, identification and labeling, product protection and preservation. 


Mil-Spec Kitting


Equipment used for U.S. soldiers on the battlefield isn’t just about convenience, but survival. Mil-Spec kitting units are no different. Imagine being on the battlefield and receiving a shipment of kits needed to maintain an important piece of equipment only to discover that there is a gasket missing from the kits. In this case, soldiers could be left vulnerable waiting weeks for the missing part. That’s why adhering strictly to Mil-Spec packaging for government and defense industry is so important. 


The military and government must depend on packaging/shipping contractors to both protect and preserve shipments for storage, transportation and usability in the field. Military deployment kits are customized to fit the various needs of the battlefield. Because of this, kitting service providers for military and defense contractors need to be capable and flexible enough to offer a variety of solutions. Meeting government/military packaging specifications requires a thorough understanding of Mil-Spec standards and a capable team to consistently execute.


Testing, Packaging, Labels and Documentation


U.S. government requirements for kitting, including inspections, packaging, labeling and documentation, can be difficult to navigate. These guidelines require expert partners that can deliver cost-effective kitting solutions without sacrificing performance or compliance. Each kit assembled for military or defense use has to be in compliance, not just for the sake of upholding the contract but also ensuring the safety of our military. 


The detailed requirements for Mil-Spec kitting can include any of the following considerations: package markings, special markings, inspection requirements, cushioning and dunnage, intermediate containers,  specialized packaging instructions, unitization, item identification markings, delivery and package acceptance, RFID, IUID, QUP, preservation, level of protection, contract clauses, container designs and hazardous waste.  

Mil-Spec Kitting Partnerships

When the mission requires multiple products to be supplied together, kitting is the perfect solution. Your military/defense warehouse, logistics, kitting and packaging partner should demonstrate thought leadership as well as experience with government and military kitting contracts. As such, outsourcing your defense and military needs will require a degree of trust in their ability to execute without errors or late deliveries. Trust an ITAR compliant facility with a highly skilled and engaged workforce that provides superior quality assurance standards. At NewStream Enterprises, LLC we not only support our military in spirit, but also enjoy creating strong partnerships. We take pride in knowing every kit we assemble will be used to help our great nation.


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Jan 7, 2020 2:20:15 PM