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NewStream QLS Sensor Production Keeps North America Running



COVID-19 has impacted supply chains across the world. Without a doubt, the global outbreak has put supply chain professionals to the test as they struggle to keep vital operations functioning. Part and labor shortages are two of the most pressing concerns impacting supply chains across all industries. As economies recover from the pandemic, the supply chain will be important in distributing products and services promptly, safely, and securely. To maintain business operations and serve their customers, clients, and communities, as well as support and safeguard their employees, business leaders must make quick decisions and take prompt action.

At NewStream Enterprises (NewStream), we acknowledge the importance of uptime and customer satisfaction. With teamwork, flexibility, and reliability, our teams are positioned to turn customer problems into profits. The QLS Sensor Assembly project is an excellent illustration of our flexibility and adaptability.

In March, a truck and engine manufacturer client approached our team to express their frustration with obtaining QLS sensor assemblies from their current supplier. The manufacturer, as is typical in today’s atmosphere, was unable to keep up with current demand, resulting in a significant shortfall.

The employee-owners at NewStream were glad to provide a solution by assembling the sensors in-house. In collaboration with the present vendor and customer, the equipment arrived at NewStream on June 14th, 2021.“In a very short order, compared to what it could have taken, great collaboration and flexibility is really what NewStream brough to the table,” the customer said. “Even out-of-the-box thinking…”

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Employees were trained quickly and efficiently and the PPAP was approved. The NewStream team shipped its first unit within the first 3 days of the program. After only 7 weeks, the line was producing 600 sensors every day, 180 more than requested by the customer.

This QLS Sensor project is a fantastic example of NewStream's ability to collaborate with the customer,  be flexible with a short timeframe, and be reliable by meeting and exceeding expectations, all resulting in helping the customer and the end user love their supply chain again.

"If we look at the numbers delivered today, and [NewStream] currently made 27,000 QLS sensors…that means [...] 27,000 trucks, school buses, [and] emergency vehicles that are on the road today wouldn't be on the road had we not received those sensors from NewStream” the customer said about the program. “So all of the impact… has been absolutely dramatic..."

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Contact our experts today to learn how an employee-owned company with over 30 years of experience and 20 years in business with the current customers as NewStream Enterprises, LLC can provide your company the best fit solution for your needs and help you love your supply chain!

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Dec 13, 2021 10:37:19 AM

Written by Ha Beavers

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