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NewStream's SPP Transition - The Great Showcase of Our Flexibility


These years have been tough for clients of NewStream Enterprises, particularly the on-highway single parts packaging industry. The aftermarket has seen it all - from supply chain disruption and parts shortages to labor limits and a lack of space availability. Despite these challenges, NewStream was able to provide the value-add needed to fulfill customer demand.

At the end of 2020, NewStream and its customer strategically made the decision to move the existing single parts packaging business from its location in Joliet, Illinois to NewStream’s headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. In January 2021, demand for aftersales parts packaging increased over previously estimated levels, putting pressure on NewStream’s labor and space resources allocated to the account.  How did NewStream respond? With flexibility and reliability. 

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NewStream quickly assembled a transitionary team to increase square footage from 60,000 square feet to over 120,000 and labor from 35 to almost 90 associates in order to process the increase in volume. The single parts packaging program operated out of several NewStream warehouses before the company consolidated the business into a single location on Alliance Street in Springfield. The team was able to consolidate over 70 truckloads from two warehouses into the 100,000 square foot building in less than two weeks.

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NewStream and its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer continue to navigate aftermarket demand, collaboratively adapting with supply chain challenges. Overall, the program is a success. The move to the new building increased throughput and packaging capacity to approximately four million single parts annually, resulting in an increase in revenue and profits for the customer.

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As a 3PL expert with over 30 years in service, we understand that when it comes to aftermarket parts sales, the business with the right inventory in stock wins. Our team provides collaboration, reliability, and flexibility to help customers win their marketplace and love their supply chain

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Jan 11, 2022 5:05:44 PM

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