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Single Parts Packaging vs Kitting

Single Part Packaging vs Kitting Title Graphic-1Material kitting, product kitting and single parts packaging are three processes used within the manufacturing industry. These processes involve picking product, efficiently packing it into a box, and sending it out for shipment to a customer. Kitting and single parts packaging involve the same process, though there is a slight distinction between the two and what benefits they offer to your company.

What is Kitting?

In manufacturing, the kitting process is when two or more related parts are organized into one bundle, forming a single kit, and is typically placed under one SKU. Material kitting and product kitting are two types of kitting that are often adopted by manufacturer, benefiting your company in different ways. Material kitting is the process of taking raw material and components to be used at a specific point in the manufacturing process. Product kitting, however, are groups of items that are sold together under a single SKU. Some examples of product kitting include subscription boxes, art kits that include paints and paint brushes and meal preparation products.

Benefits of Kitting

Kitting product has many benefits to companies as kits are typically pre-assembled and ready for shipment, improving supply chain operations by saving time and labor. By pre-assembling kits, product remains in one area versus having individual product in different areas of the warehouse. Having all of your products in one general area, you are able to increase efficiency, reduce costs and meet KPIs.

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What is Single Parts Packaging?

Single part packaging has a similar packaging and shipping process to kitting. However, unlike kitting, single part packaging only requires individual items to be packaged. Single parts are often used in manufacturing when the customer does not require more than one part to complete their assembly process.

Benefits of Single Parts Packaging

Like kitting, single parts packaging can greatly benefit your company. Single parts packaging is both time and cost effective, as this process only requires packaging one item, versus multiple items. This type of packaging can eliminate excess time spent looking for product, as this process only requires a singular item to be packaged and ready for shipment to the customer.

It is important to know your business in and out, deciding what outsourcing services will best benefit your company. If you notice that your company is taking a significant amount of time picking product, it may be time to consider outsourcing kitting or single part packaging. Both of these services can greatly improve your company, kitting and single part packaging can help your company reduce cost, labor and can save time.

Trying to determine if outsourcing services to another company can be stressful. NewStream provides kitting and packaging services that will ensure you and your team are able to focus on the bigger picture. We believe product is meant to be properly packaged and shipped, at NewStream we ensure physical and barrier projection, minimized shipping security risks, proper labeling, and quality control. We provide comprehensive supply chain management so that you can focus on your company and love your supply chain.

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Jan 25, 2022 4:02:49 PM

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