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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Defense/Government Packaging Needs

Outsourcing Defense Packaging Services

Packaging for government, defense or military shipments has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Reliability in the supply chain of the military is critical and at times life-and-death. Today, the Department of Defense has developed detailed packaging specifications and are continually making improvements on those requirements both for internal use and among contractors. 


Packaging and Marking Guide For DoD

The Department of Defense dictates strict standards for military and defense contract shipments. These standards include guidelines for forms, package markings, inspection requirements, package acceptance, deliveries, contract clauses, container designs and hazardous waste. 


Standard Practice for Military Packaging

Proper military packaging ensures that items and parts are packaged carefully so that no degradation or damage occurs during storage or shipment. Military Packaging Standards can fall into two areas of focus: packaging and preservation. Military packaging specifications refer to exterior protective methods and materials for the integrity of items for military or defense use. Military preservation is the method used and the application of protective materials for items stored, handled and distributed. 


Military Packaging

Level A packaging is the protection required to meet the most severe storage, handling and shipment conditions. Level B packaging requires a more moderate level of protection for worldwide shipping conditions. Minimal packaging requirements are used when logistics analysis indicates shipments will be exposed to environments normally encountered by domestic commercial shipping conditions. Military specifications (Mil-Spec) also dictates the markings to be displayed on the shipping packages themselves based on the contents and how they should be handled. These markings include the following considerations: identification markings, identification bar code markings, address markings and special markings like shelf-life, special handling, expedited handling, DOT hazardous materials and RFID. Additionally, standard pallet load specifications dictate size and weight dimensions to be used.  


Military Preservation 

Physical protection and preservation of materials and items is crucial for military packaging contracts. Preservation methods can include grease-proof wraps, waterproof bags, heat sealed bags, vapor proof or rigid containers. Military specifications packaging have detailed instructions for each of these methods. Additionally, a proper quality assurance procedure is required by the military packaging service contractor. It is the responsibility of the contractor to conduct both preservation inspections and packaging inspections to ensure quality. 


Benefits of Outsourcing Government/Military Packaging Needs

Generally speaking, choosing a contract packaging partner to package and/or ship your product can be one of the smartest decisions you will make. The benefits include savings from reducing the staff-related expenses of insurance and salaries, as well as operational costs like storage, space, and utilities. When it comes to government and military packaging contracts, the benefits increase dramatically. 

Military and government contracts require a specific expertise to make sure you are compliant with military packaging standards. It’s not only stressful dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’, but the consequences for non-compliance with military packaging or markings of a shipment can be great for your company. The biggest benefit of outsourcing Mil-Spec packaging services for your contract is the peace of mind you get knowing the job will be done right by the experts. Companies (like NewStream Enterprises, LLC) that have military packaging experience already have a packaging program in place and staff specifically trained on military packaging requirements.


Choosing the Right Mil-Spec Packaging Service Provider

Avoid delaying contract fulfillments or suffering penalties for non-compliance by hiring the right military packaging company. Experts in Mil-Spec packaging requirements will not only be able to explain the process but also demonstrate experience in military packaging contract success. Military packaging companies on the top of your list should also include the following value added service capabilities: kitting, part labeling/marking, bagging/boxing, individual bar code labeling, intermediate container bar code labeling, RFID, freight management, palletizing, crating capabilities, WAWF/DD250 DD-250 completion, exterior package labeling and government source inspection/packaging


When it comes to military packaging specifications, navigating the proper documents and understanding every detail can become a nightmare. Trust an experienced military packaging service provider like NewStream to take care of your packaging, labeling, paperwork and shipping so you can stay focused on your core competencies that make your company great. 

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Oct 14, 2019 8:15:00 AM