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Top 4 Ways to Expand Your Supply Chain

Top 4 Ways to Expand Your Supply Chain-01As demand increases, your business may begin finding new ways to further expand your reach to not only national, but global markets. Executing this expansion can be difficult for your supply chain as you may lack necessary foundational tools and resources needed in-house. Taking the time to expand your supply chain market can ensure success for your business.

Implement Demand Planning

Demand planning is the process of forecasting the demand of a product or service so it can be produced efficiently to customers, satisfying their needs. Though planning doesn’t solve all issues in your business, it can help your supply chain reduce disruptions and successfully fulfill customer demands. When your supply chain manager focuses on a supplier’s location, efficiency can increase, and your supply chain visibility can boost across several networks.

Automate Necessary Parts

Investing in technology will help keep your supply chain focused on the future and will allow your business to communicate efficiently. Automating parts and components requires further education by suppliers and supply chain managers but with proper management and maintenance these parts will thrive. Routinely checking in on parts will help reduce supply chain disruptions.

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Use Software to Track and Manage Inventory

Inventory management software allows supply chains to stay up to date, so that it can quickly identify weak points and strengths. Ignoring issues early on such as late shipments, unfulfilled orders, and quality inconsistency leaves your business at risk for being surpassed by other supply chains, therefore, identifying problems and emerging patterns can be done in real time and save your business money.

Start Nearshoring

Nearshoring is the practice of companies moving their product to a region that is native to their country to be manufactured at a lower cost. When considering nearshoring it is important to provide high quality technology for efficient and reliable communication networks, your supply chain can quickly adopt the practices of nearshoring by providing raw materials to grow as a global and competitive supply chain.

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Expanding on your supply chain can not only secure your place in the market but can help you lead with a competitive business model. At NewStream we pride ourselves on acting as an extension of your business, with an experienced and knowledgeable team who work to ensure your expansion so that you can love your supply chain!

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Oct 25, 2022 3:56:51 PM

Written by Honesty Taszhé Gant

Honesty Taszhé Gant is currently the Marketing Intern at NewStream Enterprises, LLC. She graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Film and Television Production and currently attaining a Masters of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing. In her role, Honesty will be responsible for assisting and collaborating with all members of the Marketing team in all functional areas of Sales & Marketing in order to support NewStream's sales growth goals.