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Warehousing for the Remanufacturing Industry

warehousing for the reman industry

Encompassing a wide range of industries from automotive, electronics, agricultural, utilities, industrial, construction, trucking/transportation, marine and other manufacturing industries, remanufacturing is an important process in product life cycles and sustainability. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) depend on this remanufacturing cycle to extend the life of their products, components and parts. OEMs can utilize remanufacturing service centers that work on assembly, testing and repairs. In addition, OEMs and remanufacturing service centers often take advantage of warehousing and distribution services to warehouse parts or finished remanufactured items awaiting shipment. 


Improving the Remanufacturing Process

Because remanufacturing requires specialization, OEMs often outsource rebuilding, refurbishing and repair to remanufacturing service centers. Furthermore, both OEMs and remanufacturing centers utilize warehousing companies to hold inventory in various stages of the remanufacturing cycle for the same reason. By focusing on core competencies both OEMs and remanufacturers can provide the best parts to maintain the integrity of their product life cycle. This logistics network allows for an improved refurbishment and remanufacturing process. Partnering with a leader in the commercial warehousing and storage industry leads to lower costs and fees, lower capital investments, greater reliability, improved inventory management and value-added services for future growth. 


Additional Services Important for Remanufacturing

With scalable solutions for both OEMs and remanufacturing operations, intricate warehousing partners in logistics and supply chain management offer additional value-added services including: 



Warehousing Contracts for Remanufacturing Process

NewStream Enterprises, LLC offers contract warehousing as a single-source solution to manage the remanufacturing process between OEMs and remanufacturing operations. We have extensive experience in the remanufacturing process so your team can rest assured knowing parts and products get where they need to be efficiently and accurately. At NewStream, we create more than just business agreements—our employee-owners create long-lasting relationships with our customers, partners and vendors. 

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Jan 31, 2020 10:56:53 AM