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What’s the Difference Between Assembly, Subassembly, and Part Drawing?

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Assembly, subassembly, and part drawings are three familiar methods within the manufacturing industry. Though these methods are different from one another, together they can create one final product or several smaller products. Assembly and subassembly involve putting pieces together to form functional products, while part drawing is a critical aspect of assembly and subassembly processes, allowing a team to meet their product and production line qualifications and specifications. 

What is an Assembly?

An assembly is a final product that is made up of two or more sub-assemblies to perform a certain function. Assembly is a method used often in manufacturing, allowing companies to produce products specific to anyone requesting an assembly service. Assembling products is one of manufacturing’s largest profit margins, therefore it is important for companies to ensure the products that are being manufactured are pieced together correctly and efficiently.

Benefits of an Assembly

Having an assembly is beneficial to any manufacturing company. An assembly increases profit margins by mass-producing products, allowing manufacturers to get more products out simultaneously. Another benefit of having an assembly is product quality and uniformity. Assembly lines with uniformity will have a repetitive process for each product, allowing for the product to function the same way each time.

What is a Subassembly?

A subassembly is when components are built separately, and later moved onto an assembly line for further production. Assembly in manufacturing is all part of the process, however, production in an assembly line can become less efficient with the addition of multiple components. Subassembly companies have implemented subassembly manufacturing, this has been implemented for companies to become much more efficient in putting a product together and completing it faster.

Benefits of a Subassembly

Subassembly manufacturing has many benefits within a company. Efficiency is one of the benefits of subassembly because subassembly has its own production area, this allows workers to focus on one specific part instead of multiple parts of a larger product. In addition to efficiency, quality is another benefit to the subassembly. Workers can give their undivided attention to one assembly piece, thus ensuring the quality of the product moving onto the assembly line.

Assembly and Subassembly

Assembly and subassembly are key components for efficiency in any company and are used by most manufacturers. The assembly line is responsible for putting together a product properly and efficiently while ensuring there are no errors within the product. Occasionally, assembly line productivity decreases, and product assembly becomes less efficient due to multiple components. The process of subassembly has moved its way into many companies throughout the nation; subassembly is a process in which components are built from raw materials and then transferred onto an assembly line to be used in further production. 

How to improve productivity in an assembly line

What is Part Drawing?

Part drawing, detail drawing, assembly drawing, are all used interchangeably and refer to a drawing that gives specific information on a product and how to assemble it. Part drawings will be used if there is one or more components to a product, additional information that a part drawing may include are dimensions, product finish, and product limits.

The importance of Part Drawing in Assembly and Subassembly

Part drawing is a very crucial aspect to manufacturers, without a part drawing, production would be unable to build the necessary components for products. An important benefit of a part drawing is the ability to properly assemble the necessary products. Part drawings often go into major detail showing overall assembly, list of component parts, drawing references, and specification information. Part drawings are beneficial to assembly and subassembly, workers can reference the part drawing and piece together the product correctly and efficiently.

Assembly, subassembly and part drawing may be different from one another, however, collectively these methods are very beneficial to one another and can improve quality and production within a manufacturing company. In addition to companies implementing subassembly, companies have now utilized outsourcing assembly and subassembly services. These services allow companies to take care of the entire assembly process, ensuring that a product is put together effectively and efficiently by skilled technicians.

What is kitting and Assembly? NewStream Enterprises

At NewStream Enterprises, LLC, our product assembly and subassembly processes rely on a skilled production team, as well as error-proofing technologies and infrastructure, to efficiently piece together parts for a final product. Products go through a packaging process after leaving the assembly and sub-assembly lines, which includes custom labeling, barcoding, crating, relabeling, sorting, staging, and inspection of items for distribution. Other value-added services such as pack-out and kit assembly can be included in product assembly and sub-assembly services. As a 3PL expert, we have the flexibility in providing your business with customized supply chain solutions that meet your needs and allow you to focus on your company's core competencies and sales growth. 

Interested in our services? Contact us today for your assembly and subassembly service needs and other value-added services that will give you peace of mind and make you love your supply chain!

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