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McCarty Promoted to Warehouse Manager

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NewStream Enterprises, LLC (NSE) is pleased to announce the promotion of Taylor McCarty to the position of Warehouse Manager, effective June 28th, 2021. This promotion is part of NewStream's strategy for shipment efficiency enhancement.

Taylor McCarty started as a Packaging Specialist at NSE in 2008 and was later promoted to Production Leader. In 2015, he moved into one of our largest customer accounts, where he worked as a Production Supervisor for over 6 years until getting promoted to Warehouse Supervisor in 2021.

In his new role, McCarty will be responsible for helping coordinate our Shipping and Receiving teams that receive, store, ship, and manage our stock records. He will also oversee our fleet of forklifts throughout the entire facility.

"I'm extremely excited about taking this new position," Taylor said. "I'd like to see how I can contribute to a team that is already very powerful!"

Congratulation to Taylor on this promotion!

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Aug 11, 2021 12:58:51 PM

Written by Ha Beavers

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