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McCarty receives Spotlight Award


Congratulations to Taylor McCarty for receiving the Spotlight Award. 

Taylor, a supervisor for one of NewStream Enterprises', LLC (NSE) diverse accounts was nominated for the award by a coworker outside of his department.  The below excerpt is from that nomination.

Taylor is a very caring and charismatic supervisor.  During the months of November and December,Taylor crafted and implemented a building-wide mini-game which provided rewards and competition as everyone focused on facility housekeeping.  The mini-game was wonderfully themed and enjoyed by all. Taylor's mini-game crossed department lines to bring all groups together in a common cause with a shared stake in the outcome.

Additionally, during the Christmas seasons, NSE adopted a family to fundraiser and provide Christmas gifts and necessities for.  Taylor took charge and coordinated the efforts in the Glenstone building and greatly exceeded the goals and expectations of the fundraising effort.  Through this coordination, NSE was able to provide gifts, a new kitchen stove and upgrades to the family's home.

Thank you to Taylor for all he does for his coworkers, NSE and the community.

About the Spotlight Award | The Spotlight Award is a corporate-wide SRC Holdings Corp. initiative that encourages peer-to-peer recognition of actions that go above and beyond normal job responsibilities.

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Mar 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM