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NSE at Contract Packaging Expo

The General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing at NewStream Enterprises, LLC are both in attendance this week at the Contract Packaging Association's (CPA) Annual Meeting 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Packaging Expo in 2018 

Per the CPA website, the 2018 Annual Meeting provides attendees with "deep insight into how relationships, regulatory compliance, technology marketing and education can all come together to positively impact your bottom line."

This morning, the team listened to Jeff Forrest from Forrest Performance Group talk about Why Training Fails.


About NewStream Enterprises | NewStream (NSE) offers original equipment manufacturers (OEM) customized supply chain management solutions in a variety of industries. Services include kitting, service parts packaging, assembly, sub-assembly, sequencing to the production line, warehousing, distribution, critical order fulfillment and vendor managed inventory.  NewStream can manage all or any segment of the OEM's supply chain process. Our services are customized to fit your requirements. From materials management, to direct order fulfillment, NewStream becomes a seamless extension of your business.

About the Contract Packaging Association | The Contract Packaging Association (CPA) is the national, nonprofit trade organization for the Contract Packaging industry. 

Formed in 1992 for contract packaging firms and those businesses related to them, CPA promotes the growth and welfare of member firms through its industry exposure and programs. 

CPA members are comprised of the nation’s leading contract packagers, which perform all packaging functions; from the simplest to the most complex and from the glamorous to the hazardous. Our members offer these packaging services to an extremely wide variety of consumer goods companies and these services range from manual and semi-automatic to full-speed, high performance packaging lines.


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Feb 23, 2018 2:16:00 PM