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Riggs receives Spotlight Award


Congratulations to our associate Makyla Riggs for receiving the coveted SRC Spotlight Award recently.  Your actions have helped not only increase morale within your team, but also enhanced satisfaction of NewStream Enterprises (NSE) as a whole at the customer level.

Makyla's supervisor nominated her for the Spotlight Award for honesty and integrity in the workplace.  According to the supervisor, "Makyla's actions add value to the company by being a positive role model.  She is a shining example that our fellow team members can draw inspiration from and emulate.  She demonstrates personal ownership and accountability through her actions and striving to do the right thing."

About the Spotlight Award | The Spotlight Award is a corporate-wide SRC Holdings Corp. initiative that encourages peer-to-peer recognition of actions that go above and beyond normal job responsibilities.

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Mar 20, 2020 2:50:05 PM