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Spotlight Award Recipients - Kampe, Freeman

New Spotlight Kampe Freeman

NewStream Enterprises, LLC (NSE) would like to congratulate their associates, Betty Kampe and Brett Freeman, for receiving the SRC Spotlight Award for going above and beyond their required duties and pushing the horizons of what is expected of them.

Both Betty and Brett were nominated for their significant impact on their departments. Betty is being recognized for her willingness to help in other departments, teaching and building up fellow employees, and commitment to seeing projects done well. This includes catching projects that were behind schedule as well as investing her own time to make sure the project was done right. Brett is recognized for his efforts in significantly improving accuracy in inventory control and streamlining the inventory process. All of this was done without shutting down the inventory process, which was able to run at full capacity while modifications were made. Both of the recipients are outstanding members of the NewStream community, and demonstrate incredible work ethic.   

According to their nominations, “She [Betty] is in it until she completes the task at hand. To add, these tasks are not glorifying or glamourous. But she is willing to do whatever is needed to help the company achieve success.”

“Because of Brett’s efforts, NSE has not only be able to save money in labor, enabling NSE to produce more to ship, it’s the peace of mind that inventory control is truly in control.”

Thank you to Brett and Betty and congratulations on your award! 

About the Spotlight Award | The Spotlight Award is a corporate-wide SRC Holdings Corp. initiative that encourages peer-to-peer recognition of actions that go above and beyond normal job responsibilities.

May 24, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Written by Jacob Harris

Jacob is currently the Sales and Marketing Intern at NewStream Enterprises, LLC. He is a Film and Marketing major at Evangel University (EU). Jacob is also the PR Director for the EU Activities Board, and was previously the Chief Editor for the 2021 EU film, “Witness.” Jacob is experienced in advertising and videography as he has helped several local businesses in creating advertisements and promotional videos in his spare time. In his role, Jacob assists our Sales and Marketing department in content creation and visual production.