Assembly and Sub-Assembly

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Assembly and Sub-Assembly Services

Our product assembly and sub-assembly services streamline your logistics processes by leveraging an experienced assembly-line team and advanced warehouse assembly technology to ensure availability of parts and products for your production line or distribution channels. Sub-assembly and assembly services empower your company to reduce stock holding and lead times, which improves cash flow by delaying assembly until you are ready to ship products to the manufacturing facility or customers.

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Expert Assembly Services

Our product assembly process utilizes an experienced assembly-line team, along with error-proofing technology and infrastructure to efficiently piece together parts for a finished product. After leaving the assembly line, products go through a packaging process where custom labeling, barcoding, crating, relabeling, sorting, staging, and inspection of items for distribution take place. Product assembly services can include pack-out services and kit assembly services.

To optimize logistics, packaging and assembly should be performed in relatively close proximity to your markets. NewStream Enterprises, LLC is strategically located in the central US with the ability to quickly and efficiently ship to locations nationwide. Our warehouse and assembly facility is perfectly positioned to assist your organization at its current site and at any US locations you choose to open in the future. Partnering with NewStream gives you a competitive advantage wherever you decide to do business.

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Time- and Cost-Saving Sub-Assembly Services

Sub-assembly is the process in which components are assembled with the purpose of being incorporated into a larger end product. A subcategory of the assembly process, sub-assembly, produces parts in a sub-assembly station that are then housed in inventory and sent to a production assembly line when needed, along with other sub-assembly parts, to be combined into a larger product.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) take advantage of sub-assembly services to reduce production time, increase quality metrics, and decrease costs. Elite sub-assembly companies like NewStream have fine-tuned product line sequences to save time and increase speed to market.

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Experienced Assembly Supply Chain Management

Leading companies capitalize on our assembly and sub-assembly services to improve their supply chain through:

  • Vendor consolidation and management
  • Inventory management
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Assembly, light assembly, sub-assembly
  • Quality inspections
  • Line sequencing
  • Delivery to production line

Avoid excess labor and handling costs by outsourcing your assembly needs to NewStream. We help you simplify purchasing and reduce inventory so you can focus on improving your core capabilities and growing your business. Our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and cost management makes us the best-in-class choice for providing assembly services, distribution, and logistical support for a wide range of industries.

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