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What Is an ITAR Controlled Facility?

The Department of Defense has strict standards for contract packaging and warehousing. These requirements dictate everything from package markings to inspections and facility security. It makes perfect sense that there are clear directives for these environments, of course. We want to ensure that products that are stored for the military are secure, accounted for and delivered in perfect working order. 

Oct 31, 2019 12:50:05 PM NewStream Enterprises

Should Your Warehousing Partner Have Experience in Your Industry?

As industries today continue to segment themselves into more well-defined niches, their needs become more specific as well. As a result, and not surprisingly, companies needing warehousing and storage assistance look for solutions tailored to the unique challenges of their industry. 

Oct 30, 2019 1:23:00 PM NewStream Enterprises

What Is a 3PL?

Many corporations today understand the role logistics and supply chain management plays in successful business operations. Developing an optimized and well-executed logistics strategy requires the right expertise, infrastructure and human capital. With many businesses lacking these capabilities and focusing on core competencies, it’s no wonder they often look to outsource their needs to those specializing in logistics. 

Oct 28, 2019 1:17:00 PM NewStream Enterprises

Top 5 Benefits to Outsourcing Kitting

Kitting is a process by which separate but related items are picked, packaged, and supplied together under one part number, providing the manufacturer with a list of benefits, both internal and external. The process is usually provided by a third party logistics (3PL) provider due to their knowledge and expertise with inventory accuracy and other integral portions of the supply chain.

Oct 23, 2019 2:43:51 PM NewStream Enterprises

What Industries Benefit From Just-In-Time Delivery Systems?

Just-in-time (JIT) delivery refers to a supply chain management strategy that coordinates supplier orders with production or delivery schedules. JIT delivery is intended to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. For example, a company that sells automotive parts but doesn’t manufacture them will only order a part from the manufacturer when a customer makes a purchase.

Oct 23, 2019 12:41:10 PM NewStream Enterprises