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What Makes NewStream's Assembly Services Different?

enterprise level product assembly services

A Unique Culture

NewStream Enterprises, LLC is a full-service packaging, fulfillment, warehousing, assembly, distribution and supply chain management business centrally located in Springfield, Missouri. We are an employee-owned company that practices open-book management and business planning, as well as constant improvement processes that involve everyone on the team. These practices have shaped a culture of employees who think, act, and feel like owners. Thus, creating a workforce motivated to ensure quality, reliability, and cost savings for each customer. 


These values and culture affect every area of our business:

  • Technology

Just like most industries, technology can be a powerful tool for maintaining accuracy and efficiency.  Advanced warehouse assembly technology ensures availability of parts and products for your production line or distribution channels. NewStream operates in a wireless landscape with real-time messaging to pertinent departments and maintains superior equipment and IT systems.

  • Flexibility

When the time comes to scale your business and grow, you’ll need product assembly services flexible enough to meet the challenge. There will inevitably be some elements in your operation that must be customized in order to reach your KPIs. We regularly offer customized solutions to meet and exceed customer’s unique needs.

  • Workforce

Our ultimate goal is to create a “business of business people” who think, act, and feel like owners. Open-book management, fueled by the Great Game of Business®, is one of the key components of our approach, though it is only a portion of our overall process. Since we are employee-owned and operated, employees are not only motivated but also educated on how to constantly improve the product assembly process. This state of constant improvement leads to significant savings for the businesses we work with. 

  • Location

Location matters in our industry.  That’s why we’ve strategically positioned our network in the middle of the US. From Springfield, MO or Joliet, IL, we can easily ship as needed and expedite freight as needed. In addition, a lower cost of living in the area leads to lower labor costs for us, and cost savings for you.

  • Experience

Our well-developed product assembly and sub-assembly process utilizes an experienced assembly-line team, along with error-proofing technology and infrastructure to efficiently piece together parts for a finished product. Expert assembly services include assembly, high quality metrics, sequencing, testing and inspections. Additionally, our experience extends to a number of value-added services in logistics, supply chain management and warehousing that can be leveraged to maximize your profit potential.

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Jan 20, 2020 3:11:32 PM