Understanding the Kitting Process

Understanding the Kitting Process

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), remanufacturers, retailers and wholesalers establish warehouse kitting procedures to make ordering easier for their distribution network. By packaging separate-but-related items together under one part number, organizations save both time and money. Often these kitting services are outsourced to warehousing and supply chain experts instead of performed in-house. In-house kitting requires initial capital investment, […]

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Warehousing for the Remanufacturing Industry

Encompassing a wide range of industries from automotive, electronics, agricultural, utilities, industrial, construction, trucking/transportation, marine and other manufacturing industries, remanufacturing is an important process in product life cycles and sustainability. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) depend on this remanufacturing cycle to extend the life of their products, components and parts. OEMs can utilize remanufacturing service centers

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assembly services

What Makes NewStream’s Assembly Services Different?

A Unique Culture NewStream Enterprises, LLC is a full-service packaging, fulfillment, warehousing, assembly, distribution and supply chain management business centrally located in Springfield, Missouri. We are an employee-owned company that practices open-book management and business planning, as well as constant improvement processes that involve everyone on the team. These practices have shaped a culture of

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flexibility case study

The Importance of Flexibility in the Defense Supply Chain [Case Study]

NewStream Enterprises, LLC began providing kitting and distribution services as part of a government/defense contract for a large, on and off highway original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in 2008. Over the past eleven years, NewStream has shown extensive capacity and flexibility, developed standards and technologies, and upheld quality metrics set forth by the OEM and the

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Warehousing Partner Experience

Should Your Warehousing Partner Have Experience in Your Industry?

As industries today continue to segment themselves into more well-defined niches, their needs become more specific as well. As a result, and not surprisingly, companies needing warehousing and storage assistance look for solutions tailored to the unique challenges of their industry. Outsourcing Warehousing Services Building a warehouse and hiring/training staff is a huge investment that

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What Is a 3PL?

Many corporations today understand the role logistics and supply chain management plays in successful business operations. Developing an optimized and well-executed logistics strategy requires the right expertise, infrastructure and human capital. With many businesses lacking these capabilities and focusing on core competencies, it’s no wonder they often look to outsource their needs to those specializing in logistics.

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