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Kitting and Packaging Solutions

Kitting and packaging are critical components of warehousing and fulfillment. Products needing to be properly packaged and shipped require a process that ensures physical and barrier protection, minimized shipping security risks, proper labeling, convenience, portion control, inspections, and quality control.

Packaging has a significant impact on supply chain management and can include kitting packages, single-product/part packaging, or special government/defense packaging.

NewStream Enterprises, LLC provides comprehensive supply chain management services that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Product managers looking to outsource their kitting and packaging needs ultimately care about meeting KPIs like on-time delivery, fill rate, quality metrics, and inventory accuracy. You need proofs that a service provider can deliver on their claims to save you money and improve accuracy and efficiency. 

At NewStream, our services will save your company money and that our proven processes will make your kitting and packaging operation more efficient. This is proven through our following metrics. 

Reducing Backlogged Products and Increasing Efficiency

A leading agricultural original equipment manufacturer (OEM) came to NewStream with a major backlog of packaging orders that was creating fulfillment delays. After transitioning to single-parts packaging with NewStream, the OEM could reconcile these issues quickly as NewStream experts were able to optimize the process and further ease the backlog issue, greatly improving customer service for their clients. 

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Achieving a Perfect Error-Rate Kitting Program and Establishing a Relationship with a Trusted and Reliable Partner

An OEM of access equipment was not happy with their kitting provider because of a high error rate. After confidently switching to NewStream's kitting program, the manufacturer experienced a significant improvement in their kitting process.



Superior Quality that Won't Break Your Budget

When we asked a customer what made them decide to choose NewStream, they said "Quality and pricing."

Determining the true cost of significant error rates can be difficult.

Our OEM customer remarked, "You don't know how much that impacts the customers' buying decision the next time they need parts."

Start Getting Quotes

Starting a new kitting and packaging program with NewStream will help you address any problems or inefficiencies you currently have, which ultimately saves your company money.

If you're ready to start a conversation with our experts, contact us today to learn more about our kitting and packaging solutions.

Creating a Kitting and Packaging RFP

A request for proposal (RFP) is used to ask for a solicitation in the form of a bid for a commodity, service, asset, or property. It's used to get information about the proposed asset or service. When trying to get a quote for services, you'll need to create an RFP document. Then you need to send it out to kitting and packaging service providers like NewStream.

Creating an RFP Document

Creating an RFP document can be difficult, and many people don't know where to start. To save you time, we've created an educational guide that covers every aspect of creating an RFP document including an RFP template, design team considerations, parameters, and guidelines.