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Kitting Solutions

Kitting is the process by which separate but related items are picked, packaged, and supplied together under one part number. For example, instead of ordering pistons, rings, seals, and other necessary spare parts from several vendors for an engine overhaul job, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may choose to create a kit of the related items under one SKU, increasing the ease of ordering for the dealer. 

An OEM can use a kitting warehouse to simplify ordering for its dealer network by taking advantage of the experienced kitting services offered at NewStream Enterprises, LLC. The kitting warehouse procedure includes building customized kits by procuring parts from multiple vendors, packing the parts in an OEM-branded box, and distributing the product to the OEM's parts distribution centers (PDC) or direct shipping to the dealer network as needed. Kitting operations like this are a proven way to reduce handling costs and inventory to help maximize profits for the OEM while simultaneously increasing customer service

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Benefits of Kitting Solutions

The biggest advantages of kitting and bundling products are cost containment and time savings that keep revenue and profits up. Using a kitting warehouse for order fulfillment helps you manage costs in the supply chain by improving efficiency and timeliness. Minimizing handling of parts and reducing work-in-progress means less time spent on preparing inventory.

Kitting also keeps inventory holding costs down and frees up warehouse space. Partnering with a provider like NewStream allows you to leverage our extensive operational expertise while you stay focused on meeting your key performance indicators (KPIs) and achieving year-over-year growth. Fulfillment kitting-service providers add value because our operators are kitting experts.

Avoid training costs, reduce line stoppage and unnecessary damage to parts by utilizing a team with an accuracy rate that exceeds 99.9%.

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Who Needs Kitting Services?

Kitting and packaging services are a powerful tool for retailers and wholesalers looking for reliable supply chain management. A warehouse kitting operation can be utilized by any industry that packages components or products together for sale and distribution. Common applications of the kitting process include:

  • Packaged sets
  • Subscription boxes
  • Pre-assembled products
  • Aftermarket spare parts bundling
  • Machine preventative maintenance and upgrades
  • Manufacturing line
  • Consignment and procurement
  • Assembling ready-to-ship packages
  • Marketing materials
  • Day-to-day order fulfillment
  • Employee training and sales materials
  • Patient benefits packages
  • Information packages
  • Packaged-to-order sets
  • Products requiring self-assembly
  • Warranty campaigns

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NewStream Cost-Effective Kitting Capabilities

Our kitting services include and provide:

  • Custom engine components and spare parts kitting
  • Consignment and procurement kitting
  • Total supply chain management
  • Support of just-in-time operations
  • Operational flexibility
  • Capacity to handle a wide range of kits, from ten components to thousands
  • Barcoding and labeling to your specifications
  • Total technology integration
  • Packaging design expertise
  • Full EDI capabilities

Whether kitting for critical orders, fulfilling your rework needs, shipping direct to customers, or supplying your distribution channel, NewStream leverages shared resources to provide cost-effective kitting solutions. We understand that quality, fill rates, and on-time delivery are crucial in today’s economy, and we provide exceptional performance in these areas.

NewStream has the extensive kitting experience needed to turn your complex kitting project into an easy-to-manage process flow. Our extensive product kitting expertise reduces friction and risk so you and your organization can spend more time and effort growing your business.

Unlike other organizations whose compensation packages and work environment all but ensure high turnover rates, our employees possess the opportunity for ownership in the company and for direct input into how to constantly improve our performance and service to our customers. Few other kitting operations can claim that, and our employees and our customers benefit from this approach!

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