Shipping to Springfield, Missouri - International

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NewStream’s Customs House Broker:

Ascent Global Logistics

2424 W. Kingsley, Suite C
Springfield, MO 65807
Phone:  (417) 823-9800

Shipping To NewStream Enterprises, LLC

When shipping to NewStream Enterprises in Springfield, Missouri, please comply with the following instructions.

Shipments exceeding 150 lbs. or exceeding $2,500.00 USD.

  • Canadian shippers: Prior to shipping, please email a copy of the packing list, commercial invoice, certificate
    of origin, and the bill of lading to Ascent Global Logistics. Send to
  • Mexico: Prior to shipping, please email a copy of:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing list (including invoice number)
    • Bill of lading noting Mexican Broker.
      • Ex Works shipments will require the shipper to file Power of Attorney with the buyer’s named customs broker.
  • Send to; and

Note: Transportation arrangements WILL NOT be made until the above documentation has been received by email.

  • Export packets must include Commercial Invoice, Packing list, USMCA certificate of origin (Mexican and Canadian shippers), and bill of lading. 
  • All Other:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing list (including invoice number)
    • Bill of lading noting customs broker contact.
    • Send to

Commercial Invoices Must Provide the Following Information

  1. Complete and accurate product description
  2. Country of Origin
  3. Complete shipper name, address, and phone number
  4. Complete NewStream delivery address
  5. Valuation per line item shipped 

Link to USMCA Certificate of Origin

Shipments From Mexico

LTL Shipments coming from Mexico, meeting LTL requirements as listed in the International Routing Instructions:

Shipments From Canada

LTL Shipments coming from Canada, meeting LTL requirements as listed in the International Routing Instructions:

Please Note:

  • Product shipped to NewStream Enterprises, LLC must arrive on the due date listed on the purchase order.
  • Early shipments will not be accepted without written approval by the purchasing agent associated with the purchase order.
  • The product must be shipped on quality pallets measuring 42x42x5.125, as part of D13 packaging specifications.  Furthermore, the product should not be stacked more than 45” high.
  • Truckload shipments must be sealed and seal number documented on the bill of lading
  • All LTL shipments are to NOT EXCEED 12 linear feet
  • Air Freight shipments must be authorized by a NewStream purchasing agent and the Premium Freight Authorization number included with the shipment information.  For UPS and FedEx shipments, the PFA authorization number issued by the purchasing agent must be included in the reference field when processing the shipment.  On carriers other than UPS or FedEx, the PFA authorization number must be included on the bill of lading or waybill.

Questions? Concerns?

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